Try a New Barbecuing Experience in Ballston Spa and Malta, New York

Imagine the delicious smell of meat cooking, the juices spitting as they hit the flames they’re being turned over so carefully. Sound good? Then you’ll love Almost Saratoga Bar & Restaurant’s version. We hold chicken barbecues and pig roasts year round.

Every outdoor barbecue we hold is a major event. We bring in a band to treat our patrons to live music as they watch delicious pork and chicken slowly turn on a spit. Work up an appetite while you wait by dancing, playing some volleyball or horseshoes or simply passing time over a pint at the bar. We’ll call you when it’s ready!

Tickets are sold in advance, but act quick because they sell out fast! Takeout options are also offered if you can’t stick around but still want a taste of our delicious barbecue.